Nerdy Rec For Books: Mind of Mercusine (Starside Saga Book 3)

by Eric Kent Edstrom – SFN Featured Storyteller

The thief becomes the hero in this sensational third volume of Starside Saga!

Kila Sigh has awakened to the mercusine, a magical power she does not understand and cannot control. In the wake of ashing hundreds of thinnies to save Nax, many fear she may be Dem-Kisk–the one prophesied to bring ruin to mankind.

While forces of light and dark seek her, Kila races to free a loyal friend from the dungeons deep beneath the Abbey of Til.

Starside Saga continues to be a story of magic, stealth, telepathic cats, and the love the binds friends to each other.

Eric Kent Edstrom returns to Starside with this tour de force follow up to A Raven’s Dream. The epic story continues, deepening the world of Starside and hinting at greater adventures to come. Buy your copy today!

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