Nerdy Rec For Books: Magellan

NASA picks up three signals of extraterrestrial origin coming from within our own solar system, and expedites a mission to investigate the sources. Commander Roger Nelson pilots the experimental long-range spacecraft Magellan, guided only by an onboard A.I. and a stream of increasingly delayed dispatches from Earth, including those from the wife he left behind for the duration of this 10-year solo mission.

As he picks up the trail of mysterious beacons on Saturn’s Titan, he finds questions and dangers in space that NASA never anticipated. Increasingly torn between his duty as an astronaut, his ties to Earth, and his own awakening sense of wonder, Nelson will make far-reaching decisions that shape the future of his mission and of humanity itself.

This novella is adapted from the motion picture by Firespire Productions and Arrowstorm Entertainment, now showing in festivals.

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