Nerdy Rec For Books – 3rd & Starlight

Includes A Story By SFN Podcast’s Author Scott Parkin


• An old rogue one last job from retirement, a young one seeking his fame. Just take the pearl from the cave. Easy – except for the monsters, magic, and mayhem.
• Darvolock is the potential Panama Canal of space, if only its inhabitants would share. But how do you negotiate a treaty with plants?
• Human females do not die in childbirth. How strange. How troubling. Ribolee’s friend Siluone is about to die birthing many young oelene, a time of great celebration. And alone among her people, Ribolee feels a sense of loss.
• In the post-apocalyptic New West, Corporations enforce their control of the food supply with war machines; and a veteran priest, his western heroine dirigible AI, and their mechanical bees seek crops to pollinate and villagers to serve.

Fourteen tales by award-winning and nominated edgy new voices in science fiction and fantasy.
Stories to amaze, delight, and touch the heart…on the corner of 3rd and Starlight.

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