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The Artifact Hunters Bundle
by A. W. Exley
Feisty Cara Devon is on the trail of powerful ancient artifacts in this bestselling historical fantasy series. This bundle contains the entire Artifact Hunters series of 4 full length novels.

  1. Nefertiti’s Heart – A killer stalks the nobility seeking a legendary diamond said to have once belonged to Queen Nefertiti and rumoured to hold the key to immortality.
  2. Hatshepsut’s Collar – An ancient Egyptian necklace is driving Queen Victoria mad with megalomania, and that’s not Cara’s most pressing problem.
  3. Nero’s Fiddle -People start dying from spontaneous human combustion when someone uses a relic from Rome to cover up an old secret.
  4. Moseh’s Staff – London is in the grip’s of an unnatural winter and Queen Victoria wants answers. Cara suspects who is responsible, she just doesn’t know what…

This bundle is currently available for a whopping .99 cents on Kobo. You can’t beat that!

Available on Kobo

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