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Would you like to promote your novel through SFN?

It’s easy! All you have to do is become a $2 monthly sponsor for at least a year on Patreon. But first, we have some requirements we will need you to consider first. PLEASE make sure you meet these requirements before you submit on Patreon.


Stories For Nerds is a community with readers who enjoy science fiction and fantasy ONLY. Romance, thrillers, erotica, will not be accepted. Paranormal might be considered upon review.

Review Ratings

While we really do want to connect our fellow authors with avid readers, our top priority is ensuring our audience is offered stories that are filled with adventures of high quality. Therefore, we have to make sure the books you’re promoting already have a decent rapport. Your book must have at least ten honest reviews on Amazon with an average four-star rating, and must also have a professional-looking cover.

If your submission does not meet these requirements it will be declined, you will be refunded.

Benefits of Promoting

  • Your book will be featured in our mailing list to several thousand readers who are passionate about sci-fi and fantasy for the month.
  • We’ll share links to your book on our Facebook club and twitter page
  • You’ll be at the header of our website for the month
  • Your book will be in our Featured Books section of the website for the entire year


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What About Interviews?

The SFN hosts have a combined 20+ years of writing experience, which means we’ve rubbed elbows with people we’re certain our reading audience is bound to enjoy. To that end, we are not currently accepting any proposed interviews outside of our own network, BUT that doesn’t mean that will be the case forever. Keep listening to episodes, and we’ll let you know when we might be in need of someone like you who fits our criteria ;).


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