Soon : Four Chilling Tales

Soon : Four Chilling Tales
Genre: Horror
Publication Year: 2013
Ghosts, cannibals, perverts, freaks... they might be in your neighborhood. Even under your own roof. They're definitely in this collection of four tales of contemporary horror by acclaimed authors James Maxey, Abby Goldsmith, Rebecca Roland, and Sarah Kelderman. Learn what horrors lurk just beyond your field of vision... horrors that will reveal themselves... Soon.
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About the Book

“Joe’s Spider Farm” — Joe runs the Spider Farm, a trailer park populated by retired carnival freaks. Good people, once you get past their frightening exteriors. One day, a former circus geek shows up, seeking refuge. Can a dark-hearted man whose only talent is biting the heads off chickens fit in among the kind souls on the Spider Farm? Or will the geek transform the peaceful paradise into the freaks’ private hell?
“Handicapped” — A suburban cul-de-sac is full of ‘For Sale’ signs, because neighbors fear the deformed recluse. But now a real estate agent has vanished, and her husband is about to learn that not all deformities are birth defects.

“Shadow Man” — Visits to a child psychologist ought to help young Pablo get over his trauma-induced nightmares. No one trusts a child who says his nightmares are real.

“Pretty Doll” — She yearns for a girl who will play with her, because it’s been such a long time, and she’s so pretty. Look, there’s blood pouring from the cuts on her arms.

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